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In part one ofthis series on getting a Rosenberg TX pool build we talked about the bidding andoverall construction process. Here we will touch on the Rosenberg TX pool surfacetypes and the Rosenberg TX pool equipment choices.
The Rosenberg TX pool surface type and theequipment you choose are an essential part of the Rosenberg TX pool project.Changing one or the other later will cost a lot of money so you wantto try to do everything right from the start.

Pool Surface Types:
There are a numberof Rosenberg TX pool surface types you can chose from. Standard white plaster,Colored plaster, Quartz, Pebble Tec and Wet Edge.

Plasteris pretty common and is a surface type made with cement and whitemarble aggregate. The problem with white plaster is that any stainbecomes very evident and in many cases and the color is effected bythe Rosenberg TX pool chemistry. You can also go with a color plaster and this canmake your Rosenberg TX pool really stand out and look great. The problem with thecolored plaster is the Mottling or pattern discoloration is veryapparent and visible over time. But it is still the most affordablepool surface type on the market.

Quartz is asurface type that consists of a combination of a quartz aggregate andpolymer-modified-cement making is more durable then standard plasterand giving it a longer lifespan. You can also get Quartz in a varietyof colors and he finish holds up well against chemicals and is morestain resistant. It is a hard surface type that is very smooth andswimmer friendly. A great choice for sure and a step up from standardplaster.

Pebble Tecis a well established brand and is a mixture of cement and smallpebbles and stones. Pebble Tec is extremely durable and long lasting.There are a great variety of surface types and colors to choose from.The drawback is that the surface can be a little rough on the feetbut it resists stains, looks great and uniformed throughout and lastsover 15-20 years. It is a more expensive choice but you can't beatthe durability and look of Pebble Tec.

Wet Edgeis much like Pebble Tec but at the same time different. Mike Willardof Your Rosenberg TX Pool Builder in Texas recommends and uses the Wet Edgesurface. Wet Edge aggregatefinishes are durable and beautiful. All Wet Edge finishes arehandcrafted and custom-made for each swimming pool. The finish iswhite cement based, but with blended polymers to make them denser andmore durable.There are a number of different Wet Edge Surface types and you canlearn more directly from their website:

Ofthe different surface types the Wet Edge is the premium choice. Butyour budget might not make it the choice for your Rosenberg TX pool build so ifyou have to go down I would recommend going with a Quartz finishverses standard white plaster.

Pool Equipment:
This is the onepart that I think many people overlook when having a poolconstructed. But I think it is as important as the Rosenberg TX pool itself. Frommy experience, a bad equipment set up can really make a Rosenberg TX pool look andfunction poorly. I will list here what I think are essential and thengo over some added equipment that I think you should have installed.

Lets start withthe Rosenberg TX pool pump. I would suggest a Variable Speed (VS) pump as thiswill pay for itself over the course of a year or two. The energysavings are tremendous and you do not sacrifice any power at all asmany manufacturers make a 2 HP and 3 HP version. A VS Pump isessential and I wouldn't put any other pump in at a new Rosenberg TX pool build.

The Filter is alsoa key piece of equipment and I suggest a very large Cartridge Filter.Depending on your Rosenberg TX pool size, anything over 20,000 gallons needs a 500sq ft Cartridge Filter. If your Rosenberg TX pool is 10-15,000 Gallons you can gowith a 300 sq ft Cartridge Filter. The bigger the filter the better.A D.E. Filter is also a good choice and go with the largest onepossible for your pool. I would stay away from Sand Filters as theyare less efficient and will give you trouble later down the road.

A heater isessential in my opinion, even if you are having a Rosenberg TX pool only installedwithout a spa. To add one later can be very expensive and maybe noteven possible depending on where the equipment is placed. Whileeverything is being installed it is easy to run the gas line andconnect the heater to the equipment. You will use it more than youthink over the course of the season, so put one in without question.

An AutomatedSystem is also essential. Most are now connected through the internetand you can control your Rosenberg TX pool and spa now with your Smart Phone. Atthe push of a button you can turn on your spa, heat it up and enjoyit without ever going into the equipment area. At the build the priceis very reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to have one installed.

Now for some otherequipment you might want to add or enhance. Rosenberg TX Pool lights and spalights can be easily upgraded to color LED lights which will giveyour Rosenberg TX pool a great look at night. Go for the color Rosenberg TX pool and spa LEDlights. A Salt Water System makes your Rosenberg TX pool easier to maintain andeliminates the need to purchase chlorine, shock and tablets. I wouldgo with a Salt Water Generator and I have a Salt Water Generator atmy house and I wouldn't go back. A UV System is also a great idea asthese systems allow you to run your Rosenberg TX pool with a lower chlorine leveland remain clear and algae free. They are now relatively inexpensiveand easy to install at the build.

The equipment isan important aspect and the more you can add at the build the betteroff you will be in the long run. So sit down with your builder andreally spend some time going over the equipment set up for your newpool.

We go into muchmore detail in the Podcast and I suggest listening to the interview Idid with Mike Willard of Your Rosenberg TX Pool Builder.

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In part three we will go over otherdetails and cautions to make sure you are not forgetting importantdetails.

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