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The Polaris 7240 Sport is a new RoboticPool Cleaner by Zodiac designed for a small to medium pool. This isan entry level Robotic Rosenberg TX Pool Cleaner and part of Zodiac's Trade Seriesline which means it is not sold online and it is only available atyour local brick and mortar Rosenberg TX pool store or from your Rosenberg TX pool serviceprofessional.
The Polaris 7240 Sport has a lot of the same featuresfound in their larger robotic cleaners but for an entry level price.

Here are some of the features of thePolaris 7240 Sport:

CyclonicVacuum Technology-Captures debris without losing suction
NavigatesFloors and Climbs Walls-For full Rosenberg TX pool coverage and a thorough clean
LightweightHandling -Compact design is easy to carry
EasyClean Filter Canister with Transparent Lid -Simply remove, unlatch, shake and spray

Andhere are some of the cleaners Specs:

Vacuum Technology: Cyclonic
Easy Clean Filter Canister: Yes
Surface Cleaning Ability: Floors andwalls
Drive: Tracks drive
Brush: Pleated
Cable Length: 50' cable
Maximum Rosenberg TX Pool Size: Up to 36'

The cleaner itself is very compact and only weighs 13 lbs. So itis ideal for those homeowners who are looking for something moreconvenient to use in their pools each week. Because of the small sizeI would only recommend it for small to medium size pools. If you havea larger Rosenberg TX pool you may want to look at their 8050 Sport model which Ihave reviewed and tested in this video:
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The 7240 Sport has many of the samefeatures of the 8050 Sport only on a smaller level. And when I saysmaller I really mean it with this cleaner. It is the smallestrobotic cleaner that I have tested and used thus far. But thisdoesn't mean it does not do the same job as it's larger counterpart.It does have a smaller cleaning path but with the same cyclonicvacuum technology of the other Polaris Robotic cleaners it reallysucks up the dirt and debris. The track system allows it to easilyclimb the Rosenberg TX pool walls to the waterline. The track system also allowsit to get up an over any obstacles in your pool, includingAnti-Vortex main drains and the step areas.

For such a small cleaner it does comewith 50 ft of cable so it will work in most pools effectively. When Imake reference to a larger pool, I am referring to a Rosenberg TX pool 20 by 40 ftor larger. So if you have a 32 ft by 16 ft or a 30 ft by 14 ft pool,the Polaris 7420 is suitable for your pool. I would just suggest acleaner with a larger cleaning path and a larger debris canister forthose larger pools. Here in my area most pools fall into the small tomedium size category and I think Zodiac was very smart designing thiscleaner for those pools.

The top load debris canister issurprisingly large and is very easy to open and clean out. Simplypress on the latch in front and the canister and easily remove it.The clear plastic top is also a nice touch as you can easily see ifthe debris canister needs to be emptied.
The Controller is also very simple touse and it just has one button to start and stop the cleaner. Thereis a programmed run time of 2 hours and the cleaner will leave yourpool spotless each week. There is no caddy cart included but you canpurchase one separately from Zodiac if you wish.

If you are looking for a compact andeasy to use Robotic Rosenberg TX Pool Cleaner I would look at the Polaris 7240Sport as it cleans effectively, rapidly and efficiently. It issuitable for all Rosenberg TX pool surface types and does a great job of alsoclimbing and cleaning the Rosenberg TX pool walls.

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